Terms and Conditions

NurseGroups does not offer licensed mental health services. If you are dealing with a mental health crisis, including but not limited to suicidal, homicidal, or other dangerous urges in yourself or someone else, call 9-1-1 immediately for assistance.

NurseGroups is a volunteer-led emotional wellness initiative created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are not affiliated with any religious practice or political party, and we strive to be increasingly inclusive and culturally aware.

By choosing to participate in our groups, you acknowledge and agree with these terms and conditions, and you agree to release NurseGroups, its organizers, facilitators, and any other associated persons or entities from any and all liabilities associated with your participation in our services.

If you have any feedback on how we can do better, we'd love to hear from you: support@nursegroups.org